Mr. Nguyen Ky Nam

At the weekend, I was invited to my firiend’s house-warming, which the neighbours call Resort, with a beautiful garden and 41 rooms, large pool in the middle, right next to the sea. As the person who travelled to  nearly 100 countries, he brought his knowledge taking care the garden carefully as well as his hospitality with sincere heart.
Congrats to Tran Truong and his VYC Travel Team in growing and succeeding in this new field.


The sharing of Mr Nam when coming to Ravenala Boutique Resort
Hoang Hai Resort has now been transformed into RAVENALA BOUTIQUE RESORT (traveller’s palm), renovated and invested in boutique, green, clean and beautiful.

The status of Mr Nam giving to Resort
Not only have much praise for the Resort, Mr. Nguyen Ky Nam also introduced and gave compliments to the “drop” hot-pot, a speciallity of Phan Thiet:

The appealing color of "Lau Tha" 
“Phan Thiet hot-pot
Visiting to resort in Mui Ne, definitely have to enjoy the “drop” hot-pot. Fresh ingridients: shrimp, pork belly, ham, green mango, white sardine, squid, and fresh vegetables...
There are two ways to eat this dish: put rice vermicelli with your favourite ingridients in a bowl, peanut sauce, a few small pieces of crunchy rice papers, a little chilli... mixed up, Oh my God a mouth watering dish.
After finish dried version, don’t forget to enjoy a bowl with stock instead of peanut sauce, you will have a nondescript delicious dish.

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